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Like most residential properties, businesses and property managers should contract their commercial gutter cleaning needs with a professional gutter cleaning company. Gutters serve a great value to any building as they permit liquids and smaller debris to safely travel along a path en route to the gutter. However, If there are any blocks, backups or deteriorating gutters, then the path can be obstructed. When the path of water in a gutter is obstructed several issues can arise, including the decline of roofs, walls, foundation issues, mildew accumulation and added fire hazard. Not only can these gutter cleaning issues be costly repair after years of neglect, but any business can also be held liable in the event of an accident as a result of neglect. Below we outline some of the major benefits of regularly scheduled commercial gutter cleaning services.


 The main purpose of a gutter is to divert water away from the roof and towards a predetermined outlet. When a gutter becomes backed up with environmental debris, it can be a headache for any commercial owner. When environmental contaminants like sticks and leaves clog up the gutter it can lead to holes, cracks and additional dampness and eventual mildew in the drywall, insulation and studs of a building. With regular commercial gutter cleaning services, your business can at least avoid some of these avoidable issues.

When water freely flows in whichever direction as a result of clogged up or faulty gutters, then the foundation and landscaping of a business can be at risk. Free flowing water can wash away work done by landscapers and move large amounts of dirt and sediment from the desired location to an undesired location. When water flows freely from a roof it can lead to environmental degradation, foundation issues and  draining problems. Avoid the troubles of dealing with these issues with the assistance of our commercial gutter cleaning services.

Like most items and tools, regular maintenance greatly extends the life of rain gutters. Gutters are designed to withhold a certain weight threshold, and when this weight threshold is exceeded it can lead to cracks, unevenness and potentially the collapse of the gutter system. With the regular maintenance packages offered at Horizon, we help alleviate these problematic issues and keep your gutter system in great working condition.

If you want to leave the gutter cleaning services to the professionals, then Horizon is here to help. With decades of combined experience in solar, window and gutter cleaning services we have the expertise, tools and experience to complete the residential and commercial services San Diego needs. For a free quote for your gutter cleaning needs, please click here.

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