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Looking for the best solar panel cleaning in San Diego? Welcome to Horizon Window Cleaning. Solar Panels are one of the best investments for both homeowners and business owners. But what we frequently don’t think about is how to clean these panels. At Horizon we offer the solar panel cleaning San Diego requires to stay on top of their solar maintenance. Our technicians are trained in the proper safety practices and quality assurance to the solar panels. We guarantee the safety of the solar panels during our scheduled cleanings.

From a maintenance perspective we observe and inspect every solar panel during the cleaning process. If we find something wrong or damaged with the solar panels we quickly let our clients know and provide recommendations and offer solutions. Solar panels that are clean and well-maintained tend to work more efficiently, which is beneficial for you and allows them to run more efficiently and extends their longevity. Horizon Window Cleaning has the proper tools to keep your solar panels clean in the safest way possible. For a free quote for your solar power cleaning job, please click here!


Solar panel cleaning is essential for maintaining the optimal performance of you solar system. Dust, grime, and environmental pollutants severely impact the efficiency of solar panels. Over time, solar panels have shown a up to a 20% reduction in performance without cleaning and maintenance.

Dust can cause regular problems when it is left to build up over the years. A bit of dust might not have an effect on your panels efficiency, as light can still get in. However, depending on your region, when left for long periods of time – it can being to block light absorption.

Bird droppings can be detrimental to your solar panels. If your home or building is surrounded by trees, this can attract more birds. Bird droppings can cause build up and debris over time, covering up your solar panels and preventing light absorption. This makes regular maintenance washes necessary for proper solar panel functioning!

In theory, yes. But how often does it really rain in Southern California? Think of your solar panels as the front windshield of your car. If you don’t wash your windshield for months at a time, you can start to lose visibility. With all of that accumulated dust, even with rain, rainwater contains airborne dust particles that settle and attach to surfaces after the water evaporates. Strictly leaving your solar panel cleaning to rainwater will lead to build up and reduce efficiency.

According to recent studies, unclean solar panels can reduce energy production up to 35%. We recommend having them professionally cleaned every 4 months, but twice a year at minimum. We want to make sure that your solar panels are producing as much clean energy as they possibly can.

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